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Competency Based Personality Profiling (more)

  • Using behaviour profiling when recruiting or managing a team has been policy for thousands of companies around the world for many years. Using profiling allows companies to grow and move forward instead of constantly recruiting and rebuilding teams.
  • When used in conjunction with competency based questions choosing the right person will be easier (more)
  • Our trained experts use the best profiling software and they are available to provide guidance and advice.
Competency Based Profiling
    Whether you’re recruiting new employees or wanting to build effective teams, Competency Cased Profiling will give you a much better insight into the person you are considering.

Support your instincts and experience with help from an unbiased profile report

Competency Based Profiling

Interviews can be hit and miss. Likewise, promoting someone can also cause problems if they can't adapt to their new role. You may have an idea of what you need but it does not always work out, especially if the person you are considering "believes" they can do it. A few months later and things are not going as well as you hoped. Competency based profiling will provide you with advice so you can see things clearer. Mistakes are greatly reduced and you get the result you wanted.


Question: - Is Competency Based Profiling worth it

ANSWER:- Yes. You can cut recruitment mistakes by 50%. Whilst a profile only takes a few minutes to complete, it will provide you with valuable information about how a person will work if you offer them a position.


Question: - Will a profile identify strengths and weaknesses? (more)

ANSWER:- You will be able to understanding a person’s strengths and weaknesses, what motivates, what demotivates and how their workplace behaviour will benefit your business.


Question: - Will it help to develop my existing team ? (more)

ANSWER:- A profile report will provide clear advice on how to best manage an employee and help them reach their full potential. This makes it easier to bridge the gap between recruitment and employment.


Question: -What can I learn from a behavioural profile? (more)

ANSWER:- You can learn how a potential new employee will fit your job description before you offer them a position, thus saving time and costs. Likewise they should work well with your existing team if they are going to be successful.

The assessment gives you detailed insights into each person’s

  • Strengths
  • Development areas
  • Communication style
  • Motivators
  • Approach to decision-making
  • Ideal management style
  • Behaviour when working in a team

Should you provide someone with a copy of the report?

Yes, people are more effective when they understand more about themselves, how they behave at work and the kinds of situations they might find challenging.

Why use Profile Services?

Companies have been using our profiling services for more than 20 years. Our experts help them to make more effective people decisions, such as:

  • Who to hire
  • Who to promote
  • How to identify the skills and talent currently existing in their business
  • How to manage their existing employees
  • How to work together as a stronger team
  • Who their future leaders are

Very helpful when recruiting, improving team management
which results in:

  • Better productivity
  • Enhanced innovation
  • Improved engagement
  • Stronger teams
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Improved retention
Team Profiling

Expert advice

Our approach is to make things easy for our clients and we have an excellent record to prove it.  Our team are experts who understand that what they do and say affect someone’s career so they take things seriously. You can be confident that what we offer is not just a service but expert advice.

Behaviour Profiling testing (more)

Profiling tests work! More than one million profiles every year help companies make fewer mistakes because they offer an insight into how someone will approach important elements of a new position.

There are many behaviour models used around the world. We have tested many of them and 90% are very good. If there is a problem it is not the results, it is the application. You will need expert help to get the best out of them and training is long winded and involved. The DISC model is excellent with a proven track record. It is easier to interpret and training for those who want it is short and easy to learn.

Companies who use the DISC system are looking for a proven tool to improve communication skills, relationship building skills, teamwork and leadership effectiveness.

Here are a few important reasons why we recommend the DISC system. It helps you to see others more objectively and less subjectively. It leads you towards understanding and away from judgment. You can quickly understand another person’s perspective.

  • Behaviour Profiling Using The DISC Model (more)

    DISC profiling is a useful tool. It opens the door to a better understanding of human behaviour, which allows a person to be more productive, efficient and effective. This leads  to an improvement in quality of life.

    DISC has evolved into the most respected and comprehensive and universally accepted assessment tool for measuring personality and behavioural styles. These styles are classified into 4 primary personality and behaviour groups. The initials of the groups form the basis for the name of the "DISC" process:

    DISC Profiling

    The four DISC personality and behaviour classifications have been studied and refined for more than 80 years. During this time, it has been repeatedly demonstrated that we all fall into predictable behavioural patterns. The DISC classifications provide valuable insight into how each person will respond to a wide range of projects, how they work and influence others, what their preferred activity pace will be.

    A DISC profile will tell you how someone will respond to rules and procedures, whether they are people or task oriented, as well as many helpful human characteristics and traits. Understanding DISC can help us all learn how adapt our behaviour in ways that will prove useful in a variety of circumstances.

    Below are a few example questions that could be used in an interview.

    What you need to know is what actually happened in a peticular situation, What was the outcome what he/she thinks about what happened, what he/she would do next time 

  • Difficult elements of present/last position        

    “What was the most difficult part of your last position?”
    “Why was that?”
    “How did you deal with it?”
    “What did your boss think?”



    “What would you say you achieved most in your last position?”
    “How did you go about that?”
    “What did your colleagues think?”
    “What would you do different next time?”


    Getting the job done

    “Can you think of a time when you had to act without authority to get something done?”
    “What did you do?”
    “What did your manager say?”
    “What would you do next time?”


    Working relationship with your colleagues

    “How did you go about building an effective working relationship with your colleagues?”
    “Can you give me an example - What did you do?”“
    What would you do different next time?”

    When you combine DISC profiling with competency based questions, your success rate will greatly improve.


  • Decision making: Example: Give an example of a time when you had to make a difficult decision.
  • Leadership. Example: Describe a difficult situation when you assumed the role of leader. Were there any challenges, and how did you tackle them?
  • Results orientation.  Example: Give me an example of a time when you were particularly successful.
  • Teamwork: Example: Describe a situation in which you were working as part of a new team. How did you make a contribution?
  • Trustworthiness: Example: Give me an example of a time you had to be deceptive.



      1. The history of profiling (Download)
      2. What is profiling (Download)
      3. Example Profile - The high D (Download)
      4. Example Profile - The high I (Download)
      5. Example Profile - The high S (Download)
      6. Example Profile - The high C (Download)
      7. Profile Form (Download)
      Competency Based Profiling Downloads
      1. Introduction to Competency Based Interviewing (Download)
      2. Competency Based Profiling Workshop (Download)
      3. Competency Based Questions (Example) (Download)

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Profile 1 £19.80 each  
" " 5 £17.50 each  
" " 10 £16.20 each  
" " 50 £15.90 each  
" " 100 £15.40 each  









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